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Tuesday, May 04 2021
A Merchant Account for Mobile Business Helps You Succeed On the Go

Wired point-of-sale systems make payment processing easy for traditional brick-and-mortar shops. However, if you want to take your modern business on the go, you need mobile credit card processing that offers convenience without sacrificing security. With the right merchant account for mobile business, you can make sales with ease anywhere and everywhere.

Why Do You Need Mobile Merchant Services?

More people use their smartphones as part of the shopping and buying process than ever before. Consumers expect the type of convenience that comes from wireless processing of transactions. In order to serve your buyers, you need mobile merchant services they can handle with a few screen taps and swipes.

Where do you do business? If you are a flea market vendor, set up a booth at an art show or craft fair, run a food truck or offer services at a client's house or place of business, you need mobile merchant processing that handles everything on the spot. The system processes EMV chipped cards, mag stripe, and no-contact payments with ease.

Even if you work in a shop or other retail location, the power to step out from behind the counter to process orders and payments makes things better. Prevent the frustration of standing in long lines when an employee uses a mobile credit card machine to get quick transactions done in a flash. This type of customer service leads to greater satisfaction overall.

Convenience, Security, and Fewer Open Invoices 

The amount of convenience you provide to every client or customer with mobile merchant services seems obvious. However, do not underestimate the convenience that it provides to the business itself. When you have a secure way to read credit and debit cards, integrate fully with online payment options, and get comprehensive analytics in real time, you superpower your company in its quest for profits.

Of course, choosing a mobile credit card processing solution that focuses on both your and every customer's security and privacy matters most. With all the stories of leaked data in the news, you know you cannot afford to have something like that happen to your brand. Go with a trusted provider like Shaw Merchant Group, and you never have to worry.

When you sign up for a merchant account for mobile business, it becomes easier to balance your books and manage invoices, too. Instead of sending a bill after a service was performed or remitting invoices with net 30 or longer payment terms, you can without the wireless point-of-sale scanner and get paid immediately. This minimizes the number of open invoices track and lowers the risk of not getting paid at all. Mobile credit card processing opens up a world of possibilities for unconventional businesses. It provides increased convenience, security, and profitability the matter what product or service you sell. With a trusted mobile merchant services provider on your side, you can your customers and your company with the power it needs to profit.

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