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Tuesday, May 09 2017

Being a sales agent is as easy as signing up with a partner company—but being a successful sales agent is a bit more complicated. When you get right down to it, though, the credit card processing sector is not much different from any other business. There are a few key things that you must keep in mind if you want to truly be a success:

  • Have a plan. If you don’t have a map and a compass, how will you know where you are supposed to go? Get rid of any analysis paralysis by having a competent plan and then working through it methodically.
  • Leverage your social network. A credit card processing business is built on trust, and often on in-person interactions. Push yourself socially and get out there.
  • Pick the right partner. Make sure that you partner is a good fit. Find a company with a good reputation, fair fees, and modern equipment.
  • Know what you’re doing. You need to be able to guide your customers for them to trust you.
  • Be completely honest. The sleazy salesmanship of the olden days doesn’t work anymore. Take an honest, transparent, long-term approach. Hide nothing from your client.

Thursday, September 08 2016

Are you looking to get involved in the merchant services industry, but you're not sure how to start? A good approach might be to sign up for our merchant services referral program, and we will pay you based on quality leads that you bring to us. You can get as involved in the process as you would like, and depending on your contribution, you can receive lucrative commissions and even residuals. These residuals can continue to pay for the life of the merchant's account, as well. 

For some salespeople, referring their existing clients and making a small commission per sign-up may be enough, while for others, the prospect of monthly residuals and working closely with merchants to maintain accounts may be more attractive. It depends on your goals, as well as whether you want to become deeply involved with the merchant services industry as a whole. Needless to say, on all levels, there is nearly unlimited income potential because the field of merchant services is vast and constantly growing. No matter what your circumstance, chances are that many business owners around you are in need of a merchant account, and we are willing to reward you handsomely for the opportunity to serve the leads that you bring to us.............. (Continue Reading)

Download PDF: Best Merchant Account Referral Programs


Thursday, September 08 2016

Have you been considering selling merchant cash advances as part of your merchant services business? For the uninitiated, a merchant cash advance is basically when the credit card processor buys the future credit card sales, giving the merchant a lump sum of liquid cash upfront. This sort of deal can be arranged much faster than a loan from a bank, and approval rates are much higher as well. If you sell merchant services, it's a good idea to make cash advances a part of your offerings. 

Cash advances can be very lucrative for your business. Not only are they a fairly easy sell for the kind of merchant who needs money fast, but selling merchant cash advances can result in handsome commissions from the processor. In addition, depending on what program you choose, you can also often provide some of the funding yourself with your own money, which will net you even more revenue. If you're looking for a good added value product to increase revenue, this is a very flexible service that you can sell to the right merchants............(Continue Reading

Download PDF: How to Sell Merchant Cash Advances


Wednesday, September 07 2016

No matter how lucrative the business, a merchant may find himself lacking liquid capital when he needs it the most. Fast-growing businesses need a way to pay for large upfront costs, and sometimes they might not be able to secure a traditional loan fast enough. Rather than waiting to save the money or struggling to find an investor through the usual avenues, merchants can also seek a merchant cash advance from their credit card processor. In fact, not only can this be a great solution for merchants, but it can be an incredibly lucrative opportunity for sales agents and ISO's.

If you're an agent who wants to increase your revenue substantially, you should probably consider looking into merchant cash advances. At the very least, look for a partner company that offers a good merchant cash advance ISO program as an option for your clients—you may find that they are more in demand than you might have initially thought.........(Continue Reading)

Download PDF: Merchant Cash Advance ISO and Agent Program Details


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