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Shaw Merchant Group

Shaw Merchant Group has solutions that can be used on any device, anytime, anywhere. We'll help you stay up to date now, and in the future.

Point of Sale Systems

The POS includes everything merchants need to manage, grow and optimize their business, all in a compact point of sale system that's easy to set up and use. Available in two models, Our POS' key components include an intuitive touchscreen tablet, EMV/NFC-enabled payment device, and robust software featuring powerful inventory management, reporting and marketing tools.


Groovv POS All-In-One

With a 13” built-in flip touchscreen, cash drawer, scanner, receipt printer and powerful software, Groovv POS All-In-One has everything you need to manage payments, grow sales and optimize your operations right out of the box. Wireless connections to an EMV/NFC payment device and optional peripherals make it a great choice for most all business types.

If you manage a small or quick serve restaurant, retail shop, salon or other location-based business, you’ll appreciate the no-fuss setup as you engage customers and add elegance to your counter.

Approximate Size: Length 16” X Width 13.75” X Height 10”

Complement Your Solution with Peripherals

Restaurants can fire orders to a sturdy kitchen printer from the POS. Some retailers may prefer to add a hand-held barcode scanner to assist with checkout.

Groovv POS All-In-One


Groovv POS Flex

Keep your business moving forward with Groovv POS Flex. The solution offers complete mobility and unparalleled flexibility, with a detachable 9.6” Samsung touchscreen and EMV/NFC payment device, mobile and stationary set-up options, wireless connections to optional peripherals, and a foldable stand you can carry anywhere your customers are.

Groovv POS Flex is ideal for businesses with limited or changing counter space, restaurants with at-the-table orders and payments, businesses that travel to customers or merchants who prefer a custom setup.

Approximate size: Length 7.75” X Width 9.6” X Height up to 12”

Add Optional Peripherals for a Complete Solution

Groovv POS Flex provides wireless connections to peripheral equipment, so you can fully customize your setup. Add-on options include a receipt printer-cash drawer combo, barcode scanner and kitchen printer.

PassMarket Integrated Marketing

Groovv POS comes with PassMarket “Lite” integrated into its software, enabling you to build your customer base at checkout, set up loyalty programs to retain customers, and increase customer spending. Consumers receive your offers on their smartphones. PassMarket “Advanced” provides even more features for a small monthly fee.

PassMarket Lite Features:

  • Rewards Center: Have customers join your loyalty program right at checkout.
  • Store Locator: Bring more customers to your door by letting them know your business.
  • Campaign Manager: Geo-fenced beacons push offers to nearby customers.

PassMarket Advanced adds these features:

  • Social Media: Reward customers who socialize with your brand.
  • Coupon Publisher: Maximize customer visits with coupons and offers.
  • Order Ahead: Customers can order ahead from your published menu/product list
PassMarket Integrated Marketing
Terminal Programs

With Infusion Business Solutions, you’ll never have to purchase terminal equipment again. We provide a variety of terminal options for your business needs.


Ingenico iCT220

FREE Countertop terminal enabling you to accept EMV chip, magstripe, and NFC/contactless payments.

  • Accept Apple Pay and other contactless payments and EMV chip cards
  • Includes everything needed to process payments, including a PIN pad, keypad, and receipt printer
  • Compact design requires minimal counter space
  • Requires connection to landline telephone line or direct internet connection
Ingenico iCT220


Ingenico iWL255

Mobile terminal enabling you to accept EMV chip, magstripe, and NFC/contactless payments. 

  • Connects wirelessly without a direct internet connection so you can take payments on the go or on the spot
  • Accept Apple Pay and other contactless payments and EMV chip cards
  • Strict security protocols ensure customer data remains private
  • Includes a PIN pad, keypad and receipt printer


Verifone VX 520

Mobile terminal enabling you to accept EMV chip, magstripe, and NFC/contactless payments.

  • Powerful processor and expandable memory
  • Integrated NFC capabilities support alternative payments and value-added applications such as loyalty or gift cards
  • Connectivity options from dial to dial plus Ethernet, with an optional battery
  • Includes EMV tip adjust capabilityVerifone VX 805 pin pad also available
Verifone VX 520


Payment Jack Mobile Swiper

Free mobile credit card reader that directly connects to a smartphone or tablet.

  • Get real-time authorization for swiped and keyed transactions
  • Use signature capture on touchscreen devices
  • Email receipts to customers
  • Check transaction history and reports on your phone or online
Online Processing

Our secure, web-based terminal solutions enable you to expand your business by accepting and managing customer payments when an actual payment card is not present.

  • Virtual Terminal: Authorize, process and manage mail or phone credit card payments from any computer.
  • Recurring Billing: Bill customers, charge cards and process payments securely on a scheduled, automatic basis.
  • Hosted Pay Page: Sell your products online quickly and securely through a hosted pay page connected to your website.
  • eCommerce: Accept and integrate payments online from your website shopping cart.
Online Processing
Financing & Other Programs


Groovv Offers

Groovv Offers helps your merchants make more money. It increases repeat sales, improves customer loyalty and helps attract new customers by making it easy for your merchants to create, send and track promotional offers.

Plus, Groovv Offers is architected to be turn-key for your merchants, and hands-off for you, our Sales Partners, so you can focus on more sales. See how it works – watch our video!

With Groovv Offers, you can:

  • Gain more appointments by changing the conversation to ‘growing the business’
  • Sign more merchants with a differentiated value proposition
  • Solve your merchants’ #1 pain – growing sales
  • Increase your revenue
Groovv Offers
Cash Advance Program

With a cash advance from Infusion Business Solutions, your business gets the money it needs to take full advantage of growth opportunities without having to negotiate with a bank or worry about long term credit card interest.

Key Features:

  • You qualify for a cash advance by leveraging an asset you may not have thought of utilizing – your future credit card receivables.
  • The advance will be paid back via a small, agreed-upon percentage of daily credit card transactions. All you have to do is keep doing business as usual.

Key Benefits:

  • No personal collateral required
  • No traditional restrictions
  • No fixed payment schedule
  • Same-day pre-approval process
  • Funding as fast as 24 hours after approval
  • No bank fees – just the cash your business needs.

We are pleased to offer this excellent but often overlooked source of short-term financing to help you grow your business.

Cash Advance Program
Gain Sales Lift with Gift Cards

Acquire New Customers

Customers given gift cards typically spend more than the total amount on the card. Plus, they often will keep coming back even after they used up the full card balance, thereby increasing your loyal customer base.

Simple to Set Up and Customize ​

Our gift card program provides a number of templates that can easily be customized for your business. You also fully customize the cards to reinforce your unique branding.

Big Gains, Low Risk

Printing gift cards is very affordable. There’s no risk to you because once the cards are purchased by customers and activated by you, funds are quickly deposited into your account. Later, you can redeem gift card payments as regular transactions. Gift cards also provide a way to simplify management of store credits, and they can help combat fraud by keeping your cash in your store.

Gain Sales Lift with Gift Cards

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