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Saturday, April 03 2021
Credit Card Processing Business for Sale

If you’ve put in the leg work required to build a successful credit card processing business, then you are probably at a point where nothing feels impossible. However, to continue growing your business or jump to another venture to make even more money, you will need an injection of capital. Credit card processing client portfolios are great for building income over the long term, but don’t do much for those that want to get a fast injection of capital to build businesses. If you want to get a lump sum or a loan against your residual portfolio, you can do that. All you have to do is list your credit card processing business for sale and get a buyer or lender to borrow you money or give you money against your portfolio assets.

Though the concept is pretty straightforward, you should still learn as much as you possibly can about this process to ensure you do it safely and effectively and that you get what you deserve from your credit card processing business for sale. This guide will go over some of the most important concepts and points you will need to know if you hope to successfully sell your portfolio of residual income.

Preparation Is Key

If you hope to have success in selling your credit card processing business, then you need to be sure that you have your ducks in a row. This means doing the preparation work and familiarizing yourself with what is possible and what is not when it comes to your residuals portfolio. By going through this process, many credit card processing business owners discover things about their residuals portfolio that they previously didn’t know. This information is vital for anyone that wishes to succeed in selling tier credit card processing business. Follow these basic steps as a launching pad for the sale of your credit card processing business.

Verify Residuals Ownership

If you want to sell your residuals portfolio and credit card processing business, then the first thing that you will need to do is verify that you indeed own your residuals. Many merchant services agents and owners operate under the assumption that they do--until they see the fine print. Working with certain ISOs and other companies could prevent you from selling your residuals. So, instead of wasting your time pursuing something that might not even happen, make sure that you verify that you are authorized to own and control your residual portfolio.

Selling Your Residuals

When you are hoping to sell your credit card processing business, you will need to not only ensure that you own the residuals and portfolio you are looking to leverage into cash, but also that you have the right to sell that portfolio of residuals. This is done by simply looking at the contract that you are entered into. You will need to verify that you have the full right to control this portfolio and pass it on to someone else or use it as leverage in a cash transaction. With this knowledge in hand, you’ll be able to enter any arrangement with full knowledge of what you are able to do with your portfolio of residuals.

Ask About Borrowing

Selling is one thing, but borrowing against your portfolio is another. You will want to make sure that you are able to borrow against your portfolio, which is similar to leveraging what is in your portfolio for a cash infusion. Some processing companies allow this and others don’t--it is specific to who you are working with. In addition to borrowing against your assets with an external lendor, you might also explore the option of borrowing directly from the payment processor. Many companies have programs that will allow you to do this easily and affordably.

Things to Know When Selling Your Residuals

If you are hoping to list your credit card processing business for sale and leverage your residual portfolio into cash, then there are some things that you will need to know ahead of time to ensure a successful transaction. These concepts will teach you more about how to have success when selling your credit card processing business or leveraging your portfolio into the cash you need to pursue your business ventures.


One thing that you will need to be aware of before you sell your residuals portfolio is whether you qualify for a sale of your residuals. For many partnerships, you will need to have a business that generates $1000 or more per month in residuals in order to be considered for a sale of your residual portfolio or a lending option that is centered around your residuals portfolio.

Buyout Ratio

If you have determined that you are going to sell your residuals portfolio and you are eligible for such a sale, then you will need to be familiar with the buyout ratio. Basically, the buyout ratio dictates how much you will receive from the sale as it relates to what your income is from the residuals portfolio. For many portfolios, this number lies between 12 and 24 times what the monthly income is from your residuals. This is what you should generally expect to receive when you sell your residuals portfolio.

Earn Out

Earn out is similar to a buyout, only that you will continue to earn your residuals and gradually be phased out. The payout is paid over a certain amount of time. This allows you to continue earning from your portfolio while also receiving a lump sum up front. This allows for the best of both worlds and makes it easier to make the transition.

Grow Your Business And Gain Capital By Listing Your Credit Card Processing Business For Sale

If you have a successful credit card processing business and have become a merchant services agent and you are looking to sell, then listing your credit card processing business for sale or entering into a lending agreement that uses your credit card processing business as leverage are two of the best ways. Now that you know more about these options, you have the power and knowledge necessary to make your cash infusion and business expansion dreams a reality.

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